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Life, Long-Term Care, and Disability

Are you adequately prepared for life’s uncertainties? For many, the answer is unfortunately “no.” As part of our Standard of Care, we help clients address some of the key financial risks facing individuals, families and small businesses. Some individuals decide to self-insure against such risks. For others, transferring these risks to a life insurance company in exchange for a monthly or annual premium makes sense.

As independent General Lines (Life, Accident, Health and HMO) agents in Texas, we compare products and quotes from a variety of insurance carriers to find a product that best suits your needs, budget, and goals.

To learn more, click on the following links. To discuss your situation and complete a complementary needs assessment, email us or schedule a phone call using the tab below.

Small Business Planning

Life Insurance can also be an effective tool for small business owners, who may use it to plan for unexpected events in the life of the business, and also as a tax-efficient way of setting aside money for retirement or future cash flow needs for the business. To discuss your situation and goals or to learn more about small business planning, please email us or schedule a phone call using the tab above.

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