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Financial Planning

All clients are encouraged to complete the financial planning process and to update the plan annually as life changes and we track progress toward goals.

Video: Why Planning Makes a Lot of Sense

For every financial planning client, our goal is to accomplish five objectives:

Understand your situation and goals, and the resources available to you. We do this by collecting data, asking targeted questions, and listening closely to your answers. To start the process, you will complete a detailed questionnaire and mail us copies of your most recent financial statements and other requested documents. We will also complete an initial Discovery Meeting (face-to-face or phone).

Identify the financial goals that are most important for you. Once we receive the completed questionnaire and data packet, and complete the Discovery Meeting, we will analyze the information, identify preliminary goals and recommendations, and ask clarifying questions in a 30-minute Goal-Setting Meeting. During this meeting (usually a phone call), we will agree on which goals and strategies are realistic and have the highest priority.

Create a plan that factors in things like your tolerance for taking risk, tax consequences, unexpected life events, and your dreams and goals. We will review this plan with you in a final Plan Delivery Meeting (face-to-face or phone) and provide you with a printed copy of the plan.

Implement the plan that we agree makes the most sense. You are not obligated to purchase any further products or services offered through MK Financial for the implementation of your goals. If you decide to use additional products and services through MK Financial, please know we are paid a separate fee for any investment management services we provide and sales commissions on any insurance products sold through us.

Review the plan annually, and making adjustments when necessary.

Our financial planning service is a fee-based service, separate from the other financial services we provide, and it is billed at an hourly rate, as outlined in ISC Advisors, Inc.'s Hourly Client Service Agreement.

For more information, or to get the process started today, please click on the tab below to schedule a complementary 15-minute phone meeting.

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Women and Financial Strategies

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